Sunday, April 15, 2007

Gotta have my music

Music is the way I get energized and relaxed. I'm one of those people who remembers every event in my life with a song surrounding it. So many memories have certain songs that go along with them! Basically, if I have my music, then I'm good to go. Lately though, I've been listening to a lot of Veggie Tales (it's Luke's favorite) and this last week made me realize I need a break!

Soooo, I've been introducing Luke to some other kinds of music! :) We listen to the radio or CD's I've made in the car and we listen to my iPod at home. He actually started dancing to some songs on my iPod the other day. It was hilarious! He'd wave his arms in the air and bounce up and down--he may have been copying me as we had a full-blown dance-around-the-house session the other day! It was raining--what can I say??

Anyway, if you have an iPod or have been to iTunes on your computer, you know that celebrities have created their special playlists for people to enjoy. I decided to create my current playlist. These are songs that inspire, energize, relax and make me just sing out loud!

1. Come Away With Me--Norah Jones (Jazz) As soon as I hear this song, everything just melts away. When I used to come home from work after a bad day, Chad would put on Norah for me and pour me a little glass of wine--how nice!!
2. Anyway--Martina McBride (country) One of her latest songs that inspires me. Look up the lyrics if you get a chance.
3. Before He Cheats--Carrie Underwood (country) This song has so much feeling and energy--makes me feel feisty! Plus, she's a super singer!
4. Don't Stop Believin'--Journey (Rock) I went to this concert with my sister and some friends this past fall. It was so much fun! I just love this song. It makes me sing out loud!
5. I Want to Know You--Sonicflood (Christian) This group has done an upbeat version of this "YoungLife, youth group" song and I love it. We have a Christian station in town 94.9 and it's wonderful!
6. He Will Carry Me--Mark Schultz (Christian) This song is an amazing encouragement during tougher times. It reminds me that God will always be there to carry us when we are too weak.
7. Somewhere Over the Rainbow--Israel Kamakawiw (World) You have all heard this version on commercials, but it's beautiful and relaxing.
8. Free Fallin'--Tom Petty (Rock) Just a perfect sing-along and roll down your windows song. Makes me think of Tom Cruise beating on the steering wheel in Jerry Maguire.
9. One--U2 (Rock) My all-time favorite band, so how do I choose a song from them? It's tough, but this song has so much emotion and it's a good one to sing out loud to.
10. Pour Some Sugar on Me--Def Leppard (Rock) They came to concert with Journey and it's been my theme song since 7th grade. Forget the words even--it's just the music that makes me energized--I love running to it. I just had to include it on this list!

That's all for now. . . I have 8, 284 favorite songs, so I'll spare you from that list! :)

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