Friday, March 23, 2007

Fun Day!

Yesterday was a fun day! We managed to fit in storytime (a weekly activity), lunch with Aunt Mary and lots of playtime! It was beautiful outside so our usual 10 minutes to check the mail became an hour! Luke loves to walk all around our little cove and up and down our neighbor's driveways, while reading the mail of course. He has also taken to smelling candles. Anytime he sees candles on tables, he wants to pick them up and smell them. He has lots of fun with the ones on our den table and rearranges them multiple times daily.

Last night we had dinner with our friends Ben, Lauren and Mary Paige! It was fun getting to spend time with them, eat pizza and watch the Memphis Tigers play (and win) basketball! Luke and Mary Paige are only 9 days apart and we enjoy getting them together and watching the differences between girls and boys at play.

We have a busy weekend planned, but we are sure it will be a fun start to next week when Daddy is taking some days off to play! Until then. . .!

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